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Allemagne: Résistance et attaques contre l’énergie nucléaire (en anglais)

mai 24, 2011

From May 17 till May 19 was a conferenz in Berlin, the so called « Annual Meeting of Atomic Forum ». The companys and politicians which maintain nuclear energy came together after the accident in Japan.

This companys are running nuclear power stations:

This company is developing nuclear power stations:

This company is carrying nuclear waste transport:
DEUTSCHE BAHN – german railway company

Some resistance happened against this meeting because this company do not stop the nuclear hazard, they will destroy the world just to make money.
++ 26.april , a car from Vattenfall was burned in Hamburg.
++ 28.april , a car from Deutsche Bahn was burned in Berlin.
++ 29.april , two cars from Vattenfall burned in Hamburg.
++ 14.may , the head office from Vattenfall in Berlin was attacked with stones and  paint.
++ 14.may , office from Vattenfall in Berlin attacked with firebomb.
++ 14.may , villa from organizer of this meeting attacked with paintbombs.
++ 16.may , attack with paintbombs against Vattenfall center in Berlin.
++ 17.may , car from Siemens and car from Deutsche Bahn burned in Berlin.
++ 18.may , car from Vattenfall burned in Berlin.
++ 18.may , demonstration against the « Annual Meeting of Atomic Forum ».

There will be a train with nuclear waste from France to Gorleben in Germany may be in
November. Riots are expected when this train is coming, like the last 15 years.
Join the anti-nuclear fight against this train! Come to Germany in November – watch out for more information!

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